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Workplace OH&S

Melbourne Nursing Agency is commited to Occupational Health and Safety by providing members with preferred work placements and regular safety updates. Professional staff have a responsibility to have an understanding of Occupational Health and Safety protocols. For more information please visit the OH&S website at WorkSafe Victoria.

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Consulting with Members

Melbourne Nursing Agency is committed to Occupational Health and Safety. We want to ensure a safe workplace for all our staff and members. We remind you that you can alert us to OH&S concerns by any means available including phone, fax, email, mail, or by speaking to us in person. Any concerns members raise will be taken seriously and managed accordingly.

Keeping Safe at Work

Relies on members working within their own scope of practice as well as seeking advice about OH&S issues from host employer representatives as well as from Melbourne Nursing Agency. Please ensure that you are appropriately oriented. Recommended information to be gained prior to commencing a work placement at a non-familiar facility:

  • Health and Safety policies and procedures
  • Fire safety procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Lifting policy and use of equipment
  • Documentation and plan of care policies and procedure
  • Reporting of incidents, injuries or unsafe work practices
  • Issue resolution
  • OH&S representative
  • Staff amenities
Manual Handling

Manual handling is the biggest cause of injuries in Victorian workplaces.While working in the field you are responsible for using approved manual handling techniques. Please consult the comprehensive guide published by the Work Safe Authority to help you understand the problem, and to explain what you need to do to make your workplace safe. Click to find out more about Manual Handling.

Injuries at Work

If you have an injury at work you should follow hospital protocol, in the first instance by reporting your injury to the Nurse-in-charge. As soon as possible thereafter you should notify us at Melbourne Nursing Agency to enable us to make suitable follow on. Your well-being is our primary concern.